May the FORCE be with you.

(3-minute read)

You will need the same amount of force to make the changes you want in your life that you need to get out of bed in the morning. Don't believe me? Tomorrow, set your alarm for 20-30 minutes earlier than you normally get up and when the alarm goes off I want you to instantly throw the sheets off, climb out of your bed, stand up and start your day.

You will be faced with the actual physical effects of making the decision to start your day a little earlier.

You will not feel like staying on your feet and moving but will most likely feel more like climbing back into that warm, comfy bed.

You will either take a step and start your day or you will get back in bed. In simple choice lies the difference between you being your best or never knowing what your best could be.

You WILL get excited and feel good thinking about looking great, having that fabulous spouse, being that strong, earning that degree, doing that project, having that money, taking that trip, etc. But,

You WILL not feel that way about doing the work necessary to get that result.

You WILL rarely FEEL like taking the actions that will get you the thing or change you want. Nobody gets excited about skipping that desert, putting down that drink, doing those squats, following those directions, staying at the library, doing the busy work of research, saving that money, getting there earlier, leaving that party, staying after, studying longer, etc.

Notice how all of those paragraphs start with the words 'You will'? YOU & Your WILL are the problem. You are the reason you don't have what you want, whatever it is. As long as you continue to believe and decide that it's someone else's fault or that you are not good enough and that it is ok to not have what you want, you will never have it.

Here's the good news, you are the solution. If you can learn to recognize the thoughts and feelings that go along with getting back in bed and still FORCE yourself to get up, you can also force yourself to do the work you don't want to do that will get you the things you want. You have the power within you to force yourself. No one but you and God can get in the gaps between the obstacle, the decision, and the action. And oftentimes, I think God, like a good parent, gives us just enough resistance to see if we're worthy of the result on the other side of the work.

You are beyond unique and only you can do the things you can do. No one else has ever been or will ever be you. The chances of your specific DNA combination occurring is 1 in 4 Trillion. You are, in fact, that special little snowflake your kindergarten teacher said you were. If you can pass the get out of bed test you can also make the change and do the work. 

So stop believing all the lies you have been told or tell yourself that have you operating as if it's ok to be average, ordinary or less than. Realize that the best version of you is amazing and that you have much to offer the rest of us. What will your life be like when you begin to realize the greatness you were created to be? How sad if you never share that version of YOU with the world.

Tomorrow, get your ass out of bed and FORCE yourself to be better than you were today... the rest of us are counting on YOU.

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