19 yrs old, now what?

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We understand the frustrations you are having with not knowing exactly (or roughly) what you're going to do to in the future. Just so you know, that happens to almost everybody and it's just a part/stage of life. Relax.

And seriously, in many areas of your life, you're doing great. But if you want to act irresponsibly and then expect to be treated as if we should assume you will be responsible... yeah... that doesn't work. Don't be surprised when you get treated like a child after acting like one. Look in the mirror and take responsibility for your actions.

But hey! Don't let it get you down. I very much respect the fact that you're willing to say you don't know. It takes a lot of confidence and courage to say "I don't know" and it's the beginning to understanding and knowing. Most young people pretend and act like they know what they are going to do but really deep down they have no idea. So I know you feel like you are off track, but feeling a little off track right now is pretty much... on track.

Usually, the harder thing to do is the right thing. So right now, it's probably pretty hard for you to listen. Seek out those who have more life experience and wisdom than you do and ask them what they think about your situation. People who really care about you and your path will surprise you with their answers to your questions and insights to this stage of life. The question is, are you mature enough to ask?