Hey Conservative Grandpa... our youth need you.

(1 minute read)

You've always been someone who I have looked up to for your willingness to risk your own life for the sake of serving others, regardless of the appreciation you received, but simply because people needed help and you could give it. It is that sort of 'other-focused' and service minded mentality that has been lost on many over the last couple generations for many reasons.

As you know I have worked with high school and college-age students for over 20 years and I think you have a lot to offer this group. What I love about that age group is that they are young enough to still be molded but adult enough to make long lasting rational decisions. I would encourage you to cross enemy lines again like you have so many times in your life but in a different way. In other words, go where there may be the greatest resistance to have the greatest impact.

I'll bet if you reached out to some high schools, churches, and colleges around you with your resume and present yourself as a guest speaker who could come in and give a short guest speaker presentation with a Q&A, everyone would benefit. That type of real engagement (again, something you haven't shirked from in your service to all of us) would most likely be very beneficial for everyone involved and would give your already broad perspective even more credibility.

In my experience, young people's opinions, although oftentimes loud and seemingly confident, tend to be quite fragile as well and easily swayed when they learn new info from a new perspective. We need more of our elders to reach out and engage with our young people, especially those who have street cred like you.