James R. Glenn is a teacher at heart who works with parents and students alike to help them focus, decide and succeed. He has studied and worked alongside families as a leader, mentor, speaker and counselor for the last 24 years.

He has expertise in helping young adults and their families make the difficult life decisions associated with finishing high school and crossing the bridge into adulthood, whether through college or another route. 

His passion is helping everyone become a better version of themselves, especially in their family relationships. James has a unique presentation style that is sure to keep audiences engaged and entertained! 


Being a Hands-On Dad: How to survive Tea Parties and Wiffle Balls.

Scripture is full of encouragement and guidance for fathers. Come be encouraged, enlightened and entertained as you hear how God’s way is the best way for you and your family to thrive in a world that isn’t always so friendly to the man of the house.

Launching the “Next Greatest Generation” 

The coming years will be filled with challenge and adversity, but those who decide to contend with the current of the culture will have a powerful impact on their world. Our children’s generation is labeled the “Pampered Generation” or the “Me Generation” by those who say that they have big visions with no desire to act. But we say that your children will be “The NEXT Greatest Generation.” This session is for those who believe in a decisive vision for their children.

Engage, Defend & Protect

How do I train my children to protect themselves from those who would do them harm? What is my responsibility as a man in keeping civil order in the case of an emergency?  What is my role as a citizen in defending the weaker among us? Come learn about situational awareness, self defense and how to be the sheepdog in your community that keeps the wolves in check.

Opportunity Lost

Homeschooling family? What is your student missing out on because you have chosen to educate them outside of the system?  How can you ensure that your student transitions to an adulthood rich with opportunities… outside of your home?  Come learn how to raise young adults that are so trained that they shall endeavor, not to shirk difficulties, but to overcome them; not to seek ease, but to know how to wrestle victory from learning to build good relationships and do good work.

Change U

A University degree still has merit but it is through uncovering opportunity and taking action that young adults learn the skills that make them men and women of consequence.  Are you or your student looking for the path of least resistance or are you willing to blaze a trail?  Come to this session if you and/or your student want to be inspired, empowered and equipped to launch into adulthood with a vision for a future ripe with opportunity to build initiatives, impact communities and change the world.

Wimp Prevention 101

How to ensure your boy becomes a man. How do I train my son to protect himself from those who would do him harm? What do I teach him about handling emergencies, defending the weak, situational awareness and self defense? Come learn info from the experts and leave a better guide for the young men in your life.

Raise an Adult, Not a Child

Everybody doesn’t win all the time and not everyone deserves a trophy. Remember when playgrounds weren’t 100% rubber, bullies eventually got beat up and you had to be home by dark? More and more of our young adults are behaving like deserving children. Unfortunately, there are a lot of 30 year old boys and girls running around our culture, expecting all things to go their way. Come be encouraged and learn how and why it is best to raise up men and women who are equipped and prepared for a realistic, responsible adulthood.

Debt Free Degree

Change is happening rapidly in higher education. Universities are doing their best to keep up with the demands of the student marketplace. Come learn how to be on the cutting edge and not left behind. Learn strategies and tools to ensure you receive a quality education, have a great college experience and walk away with a degree but without a mountain of debt.

Critical Skills Your Child Needs to Be Successful

Basic Academic knowledge is important, but does it prepare a student for success in their field of employment? Is your student becoming a Collaborator, a Communicator, a Critical Thinker, a Creator? Are they developing Media, Information, Technology, Life and Career Skills? When College Professors and CEO’s are surveyed, they disagree greatly on how prepared a graduate is for life in the modern world. Come learn how to set up your student for success… beyond the curriculum.

Knowing Who You Are and How to Get There

Having Self-Awareness and Direction are fundamentally necessary for a teen or young adult to negotiate all the important decisions they will be making in a few short years. The choices you make from 16 to 22 years old will greatly influence the direction your life takes. Everything you need to find certainty is right in front of you. Come learn how to cement your identity and confidently make wise decisions about your present and your limitless future.

College Madness – When the Crowd is Wrong

“Go to school, get good grades, get into a good college so you can get a good job and live The American Dream!” Well, the American Dream is broken and many students are broke when they graduate college. Come learn about crowd dynamics, group think and how to make sure you’re on the right side of the incredible changes, opportunities and challenges happening in Higher Education today… regardless of what the crowd is doing.

Homeschooling 2.0: Life Preparation

What do we mean by “Home Schooling”? Is this just a way to define ourselves by where we don’t send our children? We have heard the importance of “raising the bar,” “setting higher expectations” and “training adults instead of kids.” These ideas are great on convention coffee mugs, but how do they help us when trying to select the best math or science curriculum? In this talk we will push ourselves to think beyond the restrictions of traditional schooling and build a vision of home education that focuses on life preparation. What is possible when you are not only out of ‘the system’ but no longer use it as your framework for educating? Let’s talk!

Guiding Your Child through Discovery, Direction and Decision  

This presentation is for those who are thinking: “What is the 100% guaranteed way for parents to get their children to make wise and thoughtful decisions?” Most parents have a secret fear of watching their children grow up to make poor, purposeless choices. You are not alone. When speaking with young adults, we find that many of them feel overwhelmed by the amount of choices they face. However, parents can walk with their children through these decisions, not by knowing the future, but through exploring their child’s life purpose and asking the right questions at the right time.

Equipping Your Child for a Focused Future

With so many options and opportunities how do parents prepare their children to become focused and successful adults? In an age of information overload, we need decision makers. Education in America has primarily focused on transmitting knowledge, but the great challenge of our time is how to translate knowledge into wise choices. The priority of employers is not finding who has the most academic credentials, but working with those who can solve their company’s problems and create better things. Young men and women who become masters of making decisions have an exciting future ahead of them! Join us as we talk about what tools parents can use to train future generations to become the focused leaders of today and tomorrow.

How a Hacker Does College: Less Time, Less Money and Better Education 

Who says you have to follow the system? Does going off to college really guarantee you anything other than a bunch of debt? Is a college campus the best place to spend 5 years of your life? Come learn shortcuts and practical how-to tips so you can beat the system and get a great education at the same time.

Become a Fat Burning Machine and Raise Fit Kids.

Are you sick, well or fit? Foods are not ‘bad’ or ‘good’ for you, but the choices you make do effect how you feel, think and function. It is very easy to be overwhelmed by all the different theories out there as it relates to health and nutrition. The designer of our bodies knew what he was doing and there are irrefutable facts about how your body works. Come learn cutting edge science from the world of extreme athletics that you can apply in your home to the betterment of your entire family.

Why Isn’t Extracurricular the Curriculum?

We all want our children to love learning. What if we took a step back and viewed how we teach and train our children with a focus on student enjoyment? Just because we didn’t like school doesn’t mean our children have to suffer the same fate. Come and open your mind to the possibility of a household in which there is more laughter than tears and the kids are bummed when school is done.

“What do you think you think?” Critical Reasoning and Thinking Skills.

Prepare your student for college and life with this cutting edge information about the different types of reasoning. Also learn about the training a student should receive if they want to digest and master complex information for success in higher education and the real world.